PM Abiy Ahmed Speechs in Parlama

Holding his second press conference since he came to power a year ago, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) gathered correspondents at the Office of the Prime Minister, which is located off Lorenzo Taezaz Street, for a lengthy two hours and 10 minutes briefing on current issues and his stay in Office for the past one year.

A rather calm and assertive Abiy spoke on various subjects ranging from the issue of Addis Ababa to security, and party issues including forging the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) into a single party and the Front’s member parties’ relations. And throughout his explanations, Abiy stayed consistently liberal in propagating freedom of speech.

While kicking off his explanation with the extension of the Housing and Population Census, Abiy said that the Census Commission which is led by Deputy PM Demeke Mekonnen decided with a majority vote to extend the census based on their issue analysis.

“The majority of the members of the council voted to extend the census. But, if there is any individual or a regional government, we have to allow them to say so. It is not right to bar them not to say a thing since it was decided,” Abiy said adding that, “We do not want all to clap their hands for decisions made here; that is what we were fade-up off in the past. What we want now is for individuals to express their personal views without any fear. Then implementing a common decision is a discipline.”