My time with a boy who lives in the jungle

For many, the jungle is the ultimate destination. Its one of the last real frontiers, a place where nature reigns supreme and the earth is still shrouded in primordial mystery. At least it was for me, when I made my first journey to the Peruvian Amazon in the spring of 2015. I survived, and learned a thing or two.

Here’s the truth: To live in the jungle, you have to want it.

Swinging gently in my hammock on the top deck of a banged up river boat, I made my way three days down the river to the city of Iquitos, where the Amazon begins. I basked in the endless expanse of forest that surrounded our slow passage, gazing for hours into a lost world of greens and blues, of dugout canoes and floating houses.

I have learned a few things through my time in the forests of South America. For anyone preparing for a journey through this incredible part of the world, be it the Amazon basin, the island of Borneo, or the forests of Asia, there are a few things you should know.